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21 Bases under the cut! Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 03:41 pm
Hey. I made (well resized/cropped) some BB bases if anyone wants to use them. There are a few more of Maxwell and Kemal than the others because _venusinfursx was looking for Maxwell icons and Kemal is my favourite :P. The pictures are from BB's official website. Credit isn't necessary.

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Who should you vote for? Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 09:26 am
Hi folks - we've put up a new BB quiz that you might enjoy:

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Jun. 3rd, 2005 @ 11:16 pm
Does anyone have any Maxwell icons? He's a babe.

My summary of this years bunch of dysfunctional idiots (with a gem or two in there) May. 29th, 2005 @ 11:53 am
Anthony (personal nick name: )
He's the middle aged women's eye candy - a dress sense that passes for sharp, and half decent. A whole fixation on 70's dance (you can hear the Dance Fever fan society swooning already), and is a bit of a low brainer (but not quite "no" it would seem). So far he actually seems the second least likely to pull in the house, he's not shown any real aptitude for gaining interest, he's a group guy, great as long as other people are initiating the laughs and conversations... one on one he's either fearful of the cameras, or just can't muster responses.

No really interesting and is there for how he looks at the end of the day. Possibly the sixth to go, just for lack of nominations early on by not making an impact.

Craig (personal nick name: )
We have the award for this years bitch - claims to have very few negative opinions of people in the group, and if he did he'd tell them. However outside the group when he's with just a few people the claws come out fully. Unfortunately him and his followers have been spotted too early by the other housemates to be really affective. Best hope is him turning on one of his own group as that will be devastating. He'll last quite a few evictions, just because the public love a good bitch.

Derek (personal nick name: Tory Boy)
Derek us ab immediate intrigue - gay black tory. I don't like him to be honest, he's too proper, like he's developed a falseness years ago to really fit in with the Tory group. He's not that for the gay romance, he's put in there because he is a Tory, and that's a gaurenteed political debate, giving this years Big Brother a seeming intellectual moment or two. However he's not living up to it in the first few days, he's being careful to be the maid of the house. Makes him that bit more indespensible to the group - though he's shied away from the leader role which I didn't expect. He's yet to do something to endear himself to the public, but I'm fairly sure he's going to. I think it'll be a difficult thing for left wingers to sympathise, or side with the Tory Boy, which maybe his appeal. It's not the race discrimination he's counting, nor the sexuality discrimination - these aren't what he is. He's a Tory and proud. I'll offer him respect for that. He'll be fourth to be evicted as it stands now.

Why is it Yorkshire folk never get a decent housemate? We get the slut of the group (or one there of, she's certainly the most obvious with it). She should have spent the time between finding out she was on BB, and going in the house trying to lose a few pounds. I'm sure her weight adds to her impressive breast size, but going up those stairs all you see is the cellulose on her arse and thighs as that skirt was far too short. So not sexy. She's jealous of the other women - she's not a woman's woman. She only really gets on with the guys, or the girls that aren't a threat. Middle class, middle looks, low intellect... her best hope is to make several of the boys chase her, however there's a lot of big breasted competition, she'll need to dig out something more than just the most impressive bra. She does however get the attention from the lads papers, with the top 100 lovers listed in one Sunday paper, and all her sordid secrets shared to the world. Third out of the house.

Biggest entrance of the group, though a bit hair raising for him when it nearly went wrong. I think BB expected him to be at odds with more members of the group than he is... people such as Maxwell seemed likely to discriminate against him, however he's endeared himself to much of the group. He's going to last the course and be in the last three or four - possibly a winner, though I think that may still be a long shot to predict at this time.

I didn't like her from the second her video came on. Maybe it's just her face, but I fear it's more. She annoys me, sets my teeth on edge, and is a bit of a contradiction. Not in the way Tory Boy is an intrigue, more in the way that says you've not got two brain cells to rub together (strict christian, who believes in past lives). She's discrete, however she does come across as a bit of a slapper. However I think she's at a loss as there's no one she really connects with sexually in the house, despite early efforts. I do however sympathise with her plight, she's obviously a bubbly nice person by nature - but BB has made it so that she has to be the nasty one this first week. However the task is made more complicated by Big Brother making the house mates sympathetic towards her. Her best hope is to focus on Mary this week - then concentrate very hard on repairing the damage publically so she's well liked again after.

I was determined not to like her. Common she's a white witch, that has been abducted by aliens seven times. However she's fun, and she's vulnerable. If she's playing a game, she's doing it very well. She's probably the most popular housemate, and the most interesting. Everyone wants to be her friends. Most of the people in there are want to be alphas of the group, she however is satisfied to just be her. She's not fond of the "Peacocks", a term that has quickly taken residence in the minds of the group. She's slightl nuts, but not dangerously so. If she doesn't let her doubts, and nervousness about being in there get to her, and leave of her own choice, she's likely going to be in on the last night with a better than even chance of winning it. Though time will tell, it's only the first few days. I know I'd vote to keep her in as it stands, and for her to win.

Put in largely to upset the likes of Sam... on the surface you'd think he'd be easy to dislike - however he's got the cheeky boy aspect that Bubble had. He's fairly easy going, he won't take leadership by force, if he gets it, it'll be on the platter as he's not out to rock the boat. ALl the men are happy with him, want to help him lose weight, and recognise him as one of those good friends you like to get drunk with and have a laugh with, even if your more politically correct than he is. He's the middle to late stage runner, probably going out the in the fourth or third to last eviction, as long as he doesn't have a major clash with one of the females - or Craig who clearly doesn't like him.

The Itallian Stallion as he's nicknamed. Half Scouser, half Italian it would seem - looked pretty ugly on his interview video, but looked completely different going in. Thinks a lot of himself, very much a preener, he's also the daddy of the group right now - mainly because his confidence is fairly easy going, and he has advice for everyone... and with the Itallian accent, everyone listens carefully to what he says, which means he's less misunderstood by people. He's a good runner, seventh evictee I think.

Another contradiction. Liberal feminist - however she's milking out the stereotype slut for all it's worth. She may be smart, but the game she's playing is to belittle herself into an object of competition for the guys. The clothes she wears, the secrets she shares are designed for her to be a sex object. She'd been hoping for the lad mag vote, however she didn't expect the likes of Lesley and Saskia in there, who quite clearly are better competition in vying for the lad mag vote. Hard to predict when she'll go out, it's very much a mood of the nation deal, she's lost any female empowerment vote, and is struggling for the "red blooded" male vote. I suspect she'll be anywhere from second to sixth out of the house.

Lesley's big competition - and it was obvious on the first night that Lesley was out to get her, making sure the group new that she thought Saskia's breasts were fake. Saskia is quite a bit of an air head, thinking that all immigrants are out to kill the British people, and blow things up. She claims there's nothing fake on her body... except her nails which she has done every couple of weeks. Several of the group quite like her though, she's an outside attachment to Craigs group, and the straight guys are quite interested in her. She needs to watch out for the bitch factor though, it will most likely be her undoing. She'll last to fifth or sixth out if the male interest picks up in the outside world.

Pretentious little sod. Don't like him, and his language doesn't help "innit" *shudders*. His first attempt at a chat up line was "What's your star sign", however it's not all bad, he's redeemed himself quite a bit, with his concern for Mary when she's on her own, or upset. He seems to care about quite a few people in there, apologising after his outbursts with Kamal gets him lots of browny points. He's pretentious and tries too hard to be intellectual, and the modern equivalent of a bohemian rapper, but I think he'll endear himself to the public, and will probably be kept in for the debates with Kamal. He could well be there on the last night, though I think he's most likely to go the eviction before.

Largely non-descript except for her connection with Craig, the two bitches united. They're as thick as thieves, picking and choosing who to bitch with, and bitch about. They'll play the game together, doing their best to create a profitable split in the group. Most likely though she'll go before Craig, she's not the type to really get the public support. She's second fiddle, and mostly relies on Craigs lead lacking originality of her own.

Okay that's my feelings on this years Big Brother contestants. It looks interesting early on this year, I think though it's going to fall off, depending on the Big Brother behind the lens team. Certainly I've got Mary pegged as the winner though - and she'll be the reason I sit and watch it this year.

I like the house - the housemates are designed to get sexual tension - but there's no real way for people to get upto anything this year. Which may drive a few of them to insane and funny acts to deal it.
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First post is mine mwhaha May. 29th, 2005 @ 11:22 am
Okay some icons I've created fairly quickly from the grabs available on the Official Big Brother website

I'm not the greatest iconigrapher in the world

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